Thursday, September 8, 2016

7 Reasons for not using Installous

Make no mistake, one of the reasons that mostly leads people to perform the Jailbreak your device is able to put installous and download like mad Apps of all kinds.

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But all is not gold that glitters, Installous only has an "advantage" and is what we all know, do not spend a Euro in applications.
7 Reasons for not using Installous

However it has many disadvantages , and that's what I bring a list of disadvantages of having put installous in your iDispositivos.

1. Captchas

is mortal, I can not help, hate, and you know you get into Installous is go through several CAPTCHAs, he comes to despair.

2. Where is the file?

Once the Captcha test, many times you will find that the file has been deleted from the server .... Touch go back and choose another. An ordeal.

3. Guess where you have to play.

Well, in the end we found a place that if we have the file, not the latest version but it's just, at this point and we do not care , all I want is to unburden the application once, but now we enter another world, directories download. Since he disappeared Megaupload installous has had to resort to places like SendSpace, SlingFile, ....

Some of these sites put us really hard to guess where you have to click to download and easier is that you end up playing where you should not and you have to start the whole process again (Captcha included).

4. Download Times.

Well, we have already done, in the end we managed to get the application starts downloading, but of course, do not have premium account, we will see how it goes and we find that an App 70 megs marks a discharge time .... 70 minutes !!, finally have to wait.

5. Some applications are not installed or simply do not work.

At this point and we only start enjoying the application Installous we left and we will search our SpringBoard, but where is it?,.

Oh wait, that just is not installed,  you say, then you re-enter Installous , you go to the download area and .... There is nothing!!

It can also be the case that the application icon appears, we press on and the only thing we get is a black screen or application load and then restore the SpringBoard again appears.

6. Madness updates.

When you put an application Installous  On your iPhone or iPad the system detects it and the AppStore indicating that you have an update for it when it is.

Just do not can download from the official site, you'll need to Installous , see if there are updates available for that application and if you are lucky you will have to repeat the whole process.

In addition Installous also controls all the applications you have installed on your device and not only offers updates installed with your program, but also from which you downloaded from the AppStore.

7. You will have more applications you can use.

When something is "free" we tend to want a lot, so we are by nature selfish. To install the applications you want without paying entails having dozens of them you will use only once., Or not even that.

The result is gigas and gigas occupied by applications that do not use, a disaster of SpringBoard in which you will struggle to find the application you look and most importantly, you just enjoy the Apps you've downloaded, simply not have come to know by lack of weather. Possibly you're missing a big game or a spectacular application for the simple fact of having so many installed Apps.

The conclusions.

Then came the iPhone and AppStore software had never been so cheap, the complaint of many of us when buying games or programs for the computer was just the price of the same.

Well, now that's no longer an excuse, the average price of an application for iOS is 1.47 €, a large percentage are on sale for € 0.79, less than the cost of a coffee or a pack of pipes .

Use Installous means compromising what Apple has placed in our hands, Software quality at derisory prices.

In addition, really worth going through the whole process that involves not download a cracked shell out € 0.79 application ?, How much is our time?.

I do not intend to evangelize anyone with this article, as you see I know very well processes Installous,  I have also used. So what I write here are no reproaches to those who use it , just my personal opinions on the use, or rather abuse, of this platform.

Article Source: Tape Daily

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